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Crazy Office Pools



Crazy Office Pools started with 10 co-workers and a white board keeping track of scores. It made sense to try and put the pool on-line for our small group to enter picks and keep track of standing from anywhere, any time. Word got out to other office department and the league grew from 10 to over 50. Side bets for lunches were common in those days and to make things more competitive, we decided to make bend the typical rules most football pools have to make it unigue

That uniqueness is the flagship trait to Crazy Office Pools. The early days of the pool, you can only get in if you knew someone. Our motto at the time "Why beat the house when you can beat your friends" pretty much said it all. The simple 10 person football pool turned into an annual slug fest with 300+ players.

The success of Gridiron Madness (our first football pool) created demand for other pools throughout the year. Soon after came the NCAA March Madness Pool, Baby Pool, Oscar Pools, Football Play-off Pools, and the industry standard...Super Bowl Squares. What was apparent throughout our organization and other players work places was the comrodary and engagement we employees had toward one another. Yes, their was the typical smack talk and bragging rights, but it made our work enviroment more fun and felt a tighter bond with my co-workers.

The next iteration of the application was to encompass all our pools into one platform. This way all players had access to score, standing, and history to any pool they participated. It was at a party that the mention of making a business out of the idea came up.

The business goal was simple, be the best web for all office pools that is simplicity and easy to use for all users. People think you need to know sports, hadicapp spreads, and update on professioanl players to join a pool and to win. Hardly the case, but the pool needs to be easy for the non-sports types to participate in. We figured if we can get our moms to join and have fun with it, we are on the right track.



We want to be the site where all users looking to start an office pool go to.



The actual site and all its games need to be simple for all to understand and compete.



No need for sports knowledge to participate. All players are on an equal playing field so anyone can win.