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Crazy Office Pools


Why beat the house when you can beat your friends

No football knowledge is needed. This game is based on the football team's overall seasons wins. You have choices when setting up pool like selecting the type of games (College, NFL or both), returning player being treated as 'Veterans' while new recruits are 'Rookies' and the number of overall winners at the end of the season.


Score more points than other players in your pool by picking teams that win throughout the season. Based on the pools settings, you may have to pick teams that did not perform well the previous season. The players with the most accumulated wins on the teams they selected are the winners.

Picking Games

Very simple, pick certain teams in the beginning of the season and you’re done. Based on the teams season wins is how you score your points. The listed games consist of NFL and most Division 1-A college games (this is based on the pool setup your commissioner selected).

The commissioner of your pool may throw a wrinkle in the picking selection by asking you to pick X amount of teams that performed .500 or less from the previous season. Obviously, players are going to be selecting 'playoff' type teams to gather the most wins, but what if you needed to pick at least 3 teams that had sub-par records the previous year...now it makes things interesting.

The way you earn points is you get one point for every win your teams win a game.

Tie Breakers

1. Total points for the season.
2. Closest to the total of points entered by the users at the beginning of the season.
3. Split the prize


Gridiron Madness

Season long pool for either College, Pro or Both where your picks and scores are based on the actual game performance.

Crazy Squares

No need for sports knowledge to participate. All players are on an equal playing field so anyone can win.