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Crazy Office Pools


Why beat the house when you can beat your friends

No football knowledge is needed. We use "point spreads" (spread) to make each game as simple as flipping a coin to chose a winner. You have choices when setting up pool like selecting the type of games (College, NFL or both), returning player being treated as 'Veterans' while new recruits are 'Rookies' and the number of over winners at the end of the season. Gridiron Madness scoring is based on the actual final score of the game. This means your paying more attention to the final score as opposed to who is winning the game.


Score more points than other players in your pool by picking teams that win big against the spread. But remember, NEGATIVES COUNT! So, high-scoring teams with big potential upside also can cost you big negative points. The trick is mastering the art of picking the conservative wins with the occasional, well balanced blow-out sprinkled in. The top overall players and top weekly player with the most points at the end of the season or week will win!

Picking Games

You will be picking 10 games from the choice of listed games. The listed games consist of NFL and most Division 1-A college games (this is based on the pool setup your commissioner selected). You can also pick one 'lock' pick per week which will count for double points.

The way you earn points is the winner gets the point difference of the adjusted final score. The adjusted score is the point spread added to the underdog's final score. The difference of that score represents the points gained if you picked the winner. The loser of the game gets NEGATIVE points. (This way, players may pay a price for picking those high-flying offenses with no D!).

Due Dates

The administrators of Crazy Office Pools reserve the right to change a due date. You will be given ample notice through the home page, and email. Changes happen because the NFL or NCAA made scheduled changes. This could be due to natural disasters, weather issues or current events.

Specialty Games & Locks

The NFL Monday Night games will be worth double the points (Positive or Negative). This choice is optional. The NFL Turkey Day games are worth triple (Positive or Negative). This choice is optional.

You will be given one "Lock game" each week. You can use this lock to place on any non-specialty game (Turkey day or Monday night). The lock game will be worth double points (Positive or Negative). This choice is optional.

Tie Breakers

Weekly Tie Breaker (Weekly Winner = Most total points for the week)
1. Total points for the week.
2. Closest to the actual combined Monday Night Game score.
3. Most games picked right for the week.
4. Split the weekly winning amount.

Season Tie Breaker (Season Winner = Most points for the season)

1. Total points for the season.
2. Most games won with spread throughout season.
3. Most winning weeks.
4. Split the prize


Top of Heap

The actual site and all its games need to be simple for all to understand and compete.

Crazy Squares

No need for sports knowledge to participate. All players are on an equal playing field so anyone can win.